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Since it's the holiday season and everyone is bombarded with Christmas carols and Salvation Army Santa Clauses, I just wanted to write something positive... or, well, positive depending on how you look at it. I read this article in Yahoo!… and, in all my sappiness this holidays, it made me smile knowing that kindness still walks this jaded world.

Of course, I have hopes that many of us still do these random acts of kindness when we least expect it. So in the spirit of the holidays that's about to come, why don't we share these little stories? I'm sure you have your little tales of everyday heroism or good deeds.

Lately, have you done anything to help another person or animal just because you can? If so, share it!

My own story was several weeks back, which is kind of sad in retrospect because I should be doing this more often. I was driving home from my town's local mall. I just got out of work and dropped my boss off there because he left his car there for a show. I was about to turn into Mowry Avenue when I saw this thin young man with a placard - you know those ones that pretty much tell you the worse possible life stories in the world? He was homeless and asking for something, of course, but unlike other people who solicit money from drivers, he was merely asking for food, something to sustain him and give him strength to find another way of living.

I fought down the urge to roll my eyes and simply ignore him, because I see those kind of people often enough that it was easy not to care. But then I remembered that I had a peanut butter sandwich in my bag. It was supposed to be my breakfast but work picked up so quickly that morning that I wasn't able to eat before my lunch break, which by then I went out to get something more substantial.

I knew that the sandwich will just be forgotten and thrown away, since I was going to see a friend later that day and I would most likely eat dinner at home. Still, there was that inexplicable possessiveness that I had to swallow, an ugly stinginess that I think every human being has and must overcome. What would being nice to this person do for me? Should I even bother? After all, some people are just out there to leech off others. Why should I encourage such behavior?

But as I pulled up at the stop sign, I berated myself for even thinking such things, for contemplating and judging people I don't even know. What if the guy was simply on the edge, rendered helpless by some factor in his life that he couldn't help? The damn sandwich will just be wasted anyway, so why not give it to the man who was probably starving his ribs off?

So I reached over, lowered my windows (though I was still wary and only lowered it enough so I can pass the bag to him), and handed the sandwich to him. I even apologized, I think, because that it was all I can give him. I didn't even dare look at him in the eye, ashamed for some reason. I don't even know if he said anything. All I know was that he took the sandwich right before I had to drive into the street.

I looked into my rear-view mirror afterwards, wanting to know if my actions (and the honk I got for idling at the stop sign) was worth it. Probably it was, because I smiled to myself when I saw him eating it immediately after I left.
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Mitsuko12 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
^_^ I have something to share too! A few years ago I was in Montreal on a class graduation trip, and during that time my friends and I saw a lot of homeless people. I felt very sad for them all but I did manage to give this homeless guy a few dollars. My friends were scared to give something to him because they didn't know what he was going to use that money for.

To this day I don't regret in being kind to that homeless person because a little help can go a long way. Also last week while I can't afford to buy presents for my friends, I did manage to buy christmas cards for them as a gentle reminder that i do love them very much :). People have helped me a lot this year just by being kind, loving and understanding. I love giving to others, no matter how big or small the act of kindness is it truly will mean a lot to another person :)
ghikij Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, unfortunately, there are way too many homeless people in developed countries that it's crazy. I'm glad you were able to spare a few bucks for that man. I remember a song I heard during college, and roughly, one of the lines in the chorus went something along the lines of "we don't know what a couple of bucks would do (to make a difference)".

I would hate to think that the man used your money for something other than trying to find sustenance for himself, but regardless, you were able to give him an opportunity to get another meal, another chance if you will.

You have always been an angel, Michi. Thank you for being so kind and also for sharing this story.
Mitsuko12 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
I agree, the most we can do Tyr is just hope that the ones that we do give money to help them, is that they use it for what they truly need. I've been at the point where I had to actually use food banks just to survive, when I first broke free, and started to live independently.

Looking back on how I helped that homeless individual I was only 11 at the time, and to be at the point where I had to rely on the food banks just so that i wouldn't go hungry, it really made me feel happy to know that there are kind people out there to develop programs to help others.

I never thought i would have to use food banks, but I did use it and I am forever thankful that it exists. I read the same article about the police officer buying shoes for the homeless man, and truly kind hearts have no limits. I'll keep helping others, it's something that brings the most joy to my life.

It's no problem to share this story, it's still a fresh memory for me, and I am happy to share my experiences. ^_^. I know that there are those out there that may be unkind to me but that's okay. We just do what we can as human beings to help each other.

I have a friend that lives in new york and she sent me some new clothes because, she knew I was in great need for the last little while, and she sent them to me as a late birthday present. Her act of kindness last week truly meant a lot to me. :).

With every struggle there are those that will help us, when we least expect it. And with every struggle we all get stronger. :)
mercorc Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012
This didn't happen to me but my friend's older sister a few months ago, and it still makes me smile every time I think about it :)

There was this black cat (they found out he's about four years old later on) who kept showing up around her neighborhood, near the garbage cans or under the cars parked outside the garage. He was emaciated and had a large scar on his left flank, which was still oozing blood when she first saw him. She wanted to take him to the vet for examination, but he was still a wild animal (there wasn't a collar on him) so she decided to just leave food out for him. Weeks went on and he frequented her backyard, sometimes staying long enough for her to pet him, but he always left at night.

She had to leave the house one week to visit my friend (her sister), so she left extra food for the cat. When she returned, the food was of course gone, but the cat was still there, waiting and purred when she greeted him even without food. From that moment on, he became her roommate who sometimes left the house at night (he would scratch the door and she would let him out). He always returned though.

His scar's healed now and according to my friend, he's very protective of my friend's sister whenever there are visitors XD

I don't know if this counts but at least this is the most heartwarming story for me this year :P
ghikij Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh it definitely counts! Thank you for sharing!

That's such a sweet story, that shows that animals truly know how show gratefulness even if people cannot or do not want to sometimes. It's really nice to hear that your friend's sister got the trust of that stray cat and made a friend with him as well. It brings a smile to my face.
MUTE-sk3tch3s Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha... Stories, huh? Mine was more of a hoax though.

It was quite far back actually, sometime in June.

I was heading to school during a school holiday, when suddenly an old man approached me asking for help. He told me he was lost and needed money to go home, which was a relatively far distance from where we were.

In my head I was telling myself that the man could be just bluffing, and could be one of those restless drug addicts who have used up all their life-savings and are reduced to begging in order to feed their addiction, and truthfully speaking, the excuse he gave was terrible (claiming that he had finished an appointment with IMH even though said institute was 5km away).

But I gave him the benefit of doubt, dragged him to the nearest train station, bought him a ticket home, and gave him the remaining $4 I had with me so that he could feed himself.

I had honestly thought that man was truthfully asking for help.

But when I turned back to look after walking a considerable distance, I saw the same man refunding the money from that train ticket I bought him at the counter, before swiftly proceeded to the drug store with cash in hand.

Dude, that was my freaking lunch money!
ghikij Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, yes. That actually happens more often than not. That's exactly what I thought in my story too since thin and gangly can also be associated with drug abuse. After getting duped regarding money a couple of years back and all the warnings from family members, I simply don't give money out.

People like that are the reasons why sometimes it's hard to make yourself help because you don't know when you'll be tricked.

Regardless though, you had enough heart to give him the benefit of the doubt and enough kindness to share your lunch money to someone who you think needed it. Don't feel foolish, you only did the kind thing to do, and I hope you won't stop helping when you think it's needed.
Marianamqb Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, yeah, nice Christmas spirit.

I'm sorry I don't have thaaat much of a story...but I did help someone last week. Well, not someone, but an animal.

You see, I have a pet cat and she's adorable. Her name is Isis and she's 5 years old. She loves to eat, sleep and bite my hand (I have scratches everywhere). Even so, I love her and I know she loves me too.

...Deep inside at least.

She's a bit wild, since she's a mixture of some specie of cat with a wild cat. I don't have to say that she loves to go after birds and butterflies. My grandma loves birds and my mom loves butterflies, of course they wouldn't want my cat to kill them. So we thought her to not kill them. Really, I don't know how, but she never once hurt a bird (butterflies is another story...she likes to eat them. Oh well, nothing can be perfect).

Last week, I was studying in my room when I heard a fuss outside. I went downstairs and from one of the windows I saw my cat running and my mom running after her shouting "Isis, let go of it!" (it was quite a funny scene actually). I went out of the house and ran after my cat too, since I saw that she had bird inside her mouth.

I mean, inside inside. You could only see the bird's tail.

The thing is that on some point of the garden, my cat simply stopped, put the bird down and ran to the other side of the street. When we arrived near the bird, we saw that not only it was alive, but it didn't have a single scratch. It's feathers were a bit messy though (Later I gave Isis some raw meat, since the bird was ok).

We got it and took it inside the house. We noticed that it was so young it couldn't even fly. We gave it water and papaya, since it seemed hungry. After that, I let my mom taking care of it and went outside to look for it's nest. I mean, it should be close right? I'm not that much of a climber, but I went up a few trees near my house and I found nothing. There was no way of we keeping the bird and there was no way to return it to it's mom. What now?

I went to a few neighbors and asked if they wanted to keep it. I don't like keeping birds in cages, really, but since it couldn't fly...well, I didn't find another way. My consciousness would kill me if I let him free in that situation. After a few attempts, I found a young boy who had about three or four birds and took care of them with his mom. They accepted taking care of the baby bird and I let it with them.

Yeah, this is my story. I helped a little bird.
ghikij Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That's sweet. I'm glad you found a home for the little bird. One of my friends and a neighbor both have cats that is similar to yours. They're definitely not indoor cats and my neighbor's little feline actually hunts squirrels for meals every now and then. That's interesting though, that the bird was just in your cat's mouth unharmed since that rarely happens considering how cats pounce on prey.

Cute little story for sure. Thank you for sharing.
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